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The Cataloguing and Metadata Section addresses current issues of interest and importance for bibliographic cataloguing and metadata related to music resources of all types and in any medium. The Section develops IAML’s official positions on bibliographic control of music materials; participates in maintaining and revising international standards for descriptive and subject cataloguing and for electronic transmission of bibliographic data; shares information from the various IAML communities about recent news, information, best practices, etc.; considers other such issues as may be requested by the IAML Board. The Section may establish communication with similar units in other library organizations, at the national or international level, either directly or through IAML bodies. It will also work with other IAML groups considering issues concerning cataloguing and metadata.

Completed projects include:

The Section oversaw the following sub-commissions. As of July 2016 this work is part of the Cataloguing and Metadata Section.


2017 - 2020

Chair: Frédéric Lemmers (Bibliothèque royale de Belgique, Brussels)
Vice-Chair: Kimmy Szeto (City University New York)
Secretary: Christopher Holden, Library of Congress

Past officers: 

Joseph Hafner, Canada (chair) - Daniel Paradis, Canada (vice-chair) - Anders Cato, Denmark (secretary)

2011 - 2014:
Joseph Hafner, Canada (chair) - Geraldine Ostrove, USA (vice-chair) - Anders Cato, Sweden (secretary)

2008 - 2011:
Antony Gordon, UK (chair) - David Sommerfield, USA (vice-chair) - Joseph Hafner, Canada (secretary)

2005 - 2008:
Antony Gordon, UK (chair) - David Sommerfield, USA (vice-chair) - Joseph Hafner, Canada (secretary)

2002 - 2005:
Alison Hall, Canada (chair) - David Sommerfield, USA (vice-chair) - Jaako Tuohiniemi, Finland (secretary)

1999 - 2002:
Anders Cato, Sweden (chair) - Sherry Vellucci, USA (vice-chair) - Christina Koch, Sweden (secretary)

Materials presented in the sessions

Jahr: 2017

Jahr: 2016

Jahr: 2014

Jahr: 2008

Jahr: 2007


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