Linked Data Hub for Music Vocabularies Study Group

The Linked Data Hub for Music Vocabularies Study Group is overseen by the Cataloguing and Metadata Section.

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The Linked Data Hub for Music Vocabularies Study Group aims to investigate the use of openplatforms such as Wikidata to facilitate multilingual labelling of vocabulary terms and to enableinteractions between vocabularies. In recent years, the library community has been increasinglytaking advantage of linked data’s open design and technological features. This study group willinvestigate the multilingual capability of linked data for facilitating translations and transliterationsof music vocabulary terms, beginning with the UNIMARC Codes for Musical Forms and Codes forMedium of Performance, for which IAML is the maintenance agency, and then expand to othervocabularies as appropriate. A second area of study by this group is to investigate bridgingbetween similar controlled vocabularies such as between the Codes for Musical Forms to theLibrary of Congress Genre/Form Terms and between the Codes for Medium of Performance andthe Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus. The study group will report to theCataloguing and Metadata Section annually, and initiate sessions at the annual Congress asappropriate.


2022– :

Christopher Holden


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