Recent Publications in Music

Recent Publications in Music is an annual international bibliography of music publications and is available as a database: Recent Publications in Music database (2016-present).

This list contains citations to literature about music in print and other media, emphasizing reference materials and works of research interest. This is a collection development tool to help you discover new publications related to music.

In the database to search by country or a language, enter the name of the country or the language in the search box.

In the hope that geographic coverage of this list can be expanded, IAML welcomes inquiries from bibliographers in countries not presently represented.

The database works best in browsers like FireFox, Chrome, Google, etc. The database does not have full functionality in Edge, IE and some other browsers.

Recent Publications in Music for the years 2009-2015 (which covers 2008 to 2014) are linked below. Previous editions were printed in Fontes Artis Musicae, beginning in 1989 first complied by Geraldine Ostrove with assistance from Robert J. Palin (see the first column here). Over the years Geraldine continued to edit this column, continued later by Mareen Buja, Fontes Editor. Editors and contributors from around the world helped supply title information for this column, which later became this database. The database has been edited by Joseph Hafner since 2015.

Presentation about RPiM given at the IAML Online Congress 2021 by Joseph Hafner - PDF icon rpim_2021_iaml_online_congress.pdf

Our contributors

The Publications Committee manages the publication of the RPiM online database.

For contributors, an online interface is available where you can enter titles from your country. See information here including a style guide and how to enter records

Please contact the editor of RPiM if you are interested in contributing or have updates about contributors.

Editor: Joseph Hafner

Assistant Editor: Louise Robertson

Current contributors:
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Argentinaneed contributor 
Australia: Georgina Binns 
Austria: Benedikt Lodes
Belgium:  Jan Dewilde
Botswana: Santie de Jongh 
Brazilneed contributor
Bulgarianeed contributor
Cameroon: Santie de Jong
Canada: Joseph Hafner
China: WU Xu
Columbia: need contributor
Congo: Santie de Jongh
Croatia: Željka Radovinović
Czech RepublicPavel Kordík
DenmarkAnders Cato
Egypt: Santie de Jongh
Estonia: Katre Riisalu 
France: Nathalie Castinel
Germany: Susanne Hein
Greece: Aris Bazmadelis, George Boumpous
Hong Kong: Yin Yee KWAN
Hungary: BENYOVSZKY Mária
India: need contributor
Indonesia: need contributor
Ireland: Roy Stanley
Israel: need contributor
Italy: Sarah Iacono
Japan: SEKINE Toshiko
Kenya: Santie de Jongh
Latvia: need contributor
Mexico: need contributor
Morocco: Santie de Jongh
The Netherlands: Joost van Gemert
New Zealand: Marilyn Portman
Niger: Santie de Jongh
Nigeria: Santie de Jongh
Pakistan: need contributor
Portugal: need contributor
Senegal: Santie de Jongh
Serbia: Radmila Milinković
Singapore: need contributor
South Africa: Santie de Jongh
South KoreaJeongYoun Chang
Spain: José Ignacio Cano, Maria José González Ribot
Sweden: Kerstin Carpvik, Lena Nettelbladt
Switzerland: need contributor
Taiwan: need contributor 
United Kingdom: Roberta Schiavone
United States: Matthew Ertz


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