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To connect with a board member of IAML UK & Irl, send a message to uk-irl@iaml.info.

The IAML (UK & Irl) Branch was established in 1953. It has around 180 members, including retired and student members. Membership is offered at Branch and International levels for both institutional and personal members. The majority of the membership are individual members.

The IAML (UK & Irl) Branch arranges training for its members both online and in-person throughout the year and also at the Annual Study Weekend which takes place in April. The Annual Study Weekend changes location every year to offer opportunities for delegates to experience music collections throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The topics have varied over the years, but there is always a connection to music. Examples include decolonisation of collections and classification, sound recordings, concert performances, world music and insights into specialist music collections. Recurring themes include music cataloguing and copyright issues. The Annual General meeting is held online shortly after the Annual Study Weekend.

The membership journal Brio, is published twice per year, in print only but is also available to members via the Branch website where there is also a blog. Branch has an active Twitter account and there is also an electronic discussion list hosted by JISCmail (IAML-UK-IRL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK). The latter is open to members and non-members and includes topics for discussion as well as requests for performance sets via inter-library loan.

The IAML (UK & Irl) Branch contributes to RILM and RISM via the British Library throughout the year.

IAML has had four Presidents from the UK and Ireland Branch: Alec (Alexander) Hyatt King (1955-1958); John Davies (1971); Brian Redfern (1980-1982); Pam Thompson (1998-2000).

IAML (UK & Irl) has also hosted the international Congress eight times: London (1956); Cambridge (1959); London (1973); Cambridge (1980); Oxford (1989); Edinburgh (2000); Dublin (2011); Cambridge 2023

Board members:

President: Janet Di Franco (University of Huddersfield)
President Elect: Peter Linnitt (Royal College of Music, London)
General Secretary: Meg Fisher (British Library, London)
Treasurer: Ashley Day (Royal College of Music, London)

For a full list of Board members, see the IAML UK & Irl Executive Committee page.

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30 Mai 2024

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