United Kingdom and Ireland

IAML (UK & Irl)

Board members:

President: Anna Wright (Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester)
Secretary: Amelie Roper (The British Library)
Treasurer: Monika Pietras (Royal College of Music Library)
Other executive members:
President Elect: Katharine Hogg
Brio Editor: Martin Holmes
Education Officer: Geoff Thomason
Membership Secretary: Janet Di Franco
Newsletter and Blog Editor: Margaret Jones
Communications Officer: Adam Taylor
Publications Officer: Vacant
Webmaster: Antony Gordon
Elected Members: Frances Allott
Almut Boehme
Janet Di Franco
Catherine Ferris
Claire Kidwell
Geoff Thomason
Co-opted Member: Roy Stanley
IAML Board member: Rupert Ridgewell
Non-voting members:
Minutes Secretary: Catherine Small
The Music Libraries Trust Representative: Peter Baxter

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