Advertising on the IAML Website

Each month the IAML website attracts 7,000 page views. Adverts should be submitted to the Advertising Manager as image files and may be published as side banners and footer banners.

Advertising rates (for 30 days)

    1. Home page only, left sidebar $300.00 USD = 270€
    2. Home page only, footer $250.00 USD = 225€
    3. All subpages, sidebar $350.00 USD = 315€
    4. All subpages, footer $300.00 USD = 270€

A discount of 10% on three consecutive ads is given on the invoice for the third consecutive month.


The deadline for ads is always Wednesday 10:00 a.m. MT (UTC−07:00) before Monday placement.

Technical specifications

Format: JPG, PNG or GIF. One image per advert. No flash or video ads will be accepted.

Resolution:  96 dpi or higher

Dimensions: 275 pixels width x 500 height pixels for sidebar adverts; 900 pixels width x 150 pixels height for footer adverts.

Please provide the advertiser's name and web address that you wish to link to the image.


All advertising is subject to editorial approval.
All phone orders must be confirmed in writing or by e-mail.
Ads are non-refundable.
Invoices are mailed on the date of publication. Pre-payment is required for first-time advertisers.


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