Music brings people together, and IAML membership supports our aim to make music internationally accessible through acquisition and lending, preservation and digitization, cataloguing and bibliography, and documentation and research. Moreover, most music librarians and archivists serve as educators, opening up the vast world of information and repertoire during their daily interactions with students, faculty members, researchers, musicians, and the general public.We work internationally on multiple fronts to promote and protect musical heritage among diverse cultures, because the importance of music in the lives of the world's peoples is something we truly cherish.

IAML Congress Diary #5: An unforgettable experience (Czech Republic)

The Czech delegation at IAML 2023We left for the congress with my colleague Blanka Ellederová a few days earlier, so that we could take part in an interesting tour of London libraries, which was also organized by our brilliant and skilled colleagues from England. It was Friday's Pre-congress Tour.


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