Research Libraries

The Research Libraries Section is one of five Professional Sections of IAML. It is concerned with furthering communication between music research libraries around the world and promoting research in relevant areas.

The Section usually sponsors two paper sessions at the annual conference. Occasionally a third session is jointly organised with another section or committee. Each session represents a particular theme of interest to research libraries, e.g. musicological or music library research, digitisation projects dealing with research materials. Sessions might also reflect a regional theme related to the host country. Reports on the sessions held at each conference are published in Fontes Artis Musicae.

Past officers: 

2011 - 2014:
Jim Cassaro, USA (chair) - Thomas Leibnitz, Austria (vice-chair) - Kerstin Carpvik, Sweden (secretary)

2008 - 2011:
Stanisław Hrabia, Poland (chair) - Thomas Leibnitz, Germany (vice-chair) - Almut Boehme, UK (secretary)

2005 - 2008:
Joachim Jaenecke, Germany (chair) - Stanisław Hrabia, Poland (vice-chair) - Almut Boehme, UK (secretary)

2002 - 2005:
Joachim Jaenecke, Germany (chair) - Stanisław Hrabia, Poland (vice-chair) - Thomas Leibnitz, Austria (secretary)

1999 - 2002:
Ann Barbara Kersting-Meuleman, Germany (chair) - Liesbetj Hoedemaeker, Netherlands (vice-chair) - Aurika Gergeležiu, Estonia (secretary)

Materials presented in the sessions

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Year: 2014

Year: 2013


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