The terms of reference for the Membership Committee is as follows:

  • to increase and diversify IAML's membership by reaching out to individuals and institutions associated with music in libraries, archives or documentation centres, particularly in regions currently under-represented in the Association.
  • to identify and promote the value of membership in the Association.
  • to encourage the active engagement of all members.

If you have suggestions for ways in which members' experiences in the Association can be enhanced, please feel free to contact


Jane Gottlieb, chair (USA)

Kathy Adamson (UK)
Evan Baker (USA)
Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi (Italy)
Kathleen Haefliger (USA)
Katie Lai (Hong Kong)
Anna Pensaert (UK)
Marian Ritter (USA)
Chris Scobie (UK)
Bonnie Woelk (Canada)


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