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IAML Friday News (November 21, 2014)



A Wiki of Music, insigts about Grove music, ukuleles, sound preservation, and sleevefacing

IAML Conference Survey 2014: Summary of results available


Posting on behalf of Johan Eeckeloo:

We are glad to publish the results of the IAML Conference Survey 2014. The results are very useful for the organizers of future conferences. A warm “thank you” to all the participants who took the survey.

The results are available on the Antwerp conference page (there you will find it in the attachements at the bottom).

Guest Post: Katy Hamilton, "Keeping it Real"


Have you noticed that almost everything we now refer to as ‘3D’ actually… isn’t? Clever phone screens, high-tech films and silly glasses, the latest computer games where you fling yourself around your living room to be projected into the action – they’re all terribly clever of course, but they’re not actually in three dimensions. People, theatre productions, a nice cup of tea – now they’re in 3D. But we know that, of course. Which is why we don’t make anything of it.

Something else that exists here in three dimensions, and of which I am extremely fond, is the library. As a concept, the library is both an extremely simple and bafflingly complex thing. It is there to provide a repository for knowledge, learning, entertainment – a place that gathers, preserves, and endeavours to make accessible. It can accommodate an infinite amount of objects depending upon the breadth of its chosen remit. And there is magic in walking around a library, just browsing (link is external), spying books or CDs you never knew even existed, musical scores that you’ve only ever heard of but never seen in the flesh...

The Bizet Catalogue




File:Georges Bizet (flipped).jpg

The Bizet Catalogue is now online:

Compiled by Hugh Macdonald and managed by the Humanities Digital Workshop at Washington University, St. Louis.


IAML Friday News (November 14, 2014)



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