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Conference Diary / Konferenztagebuch 13: Português (Brazil)


The following entry is by André Guerra Cotta (Universidade Federal Fluminense Polo Rio das Ostras).

Breve nota sobre a Conferência da IAML em Antuérpia, julho de 2014.

Passaram-se cerca de dois meses de muito trabalho e estive por apenas dois dias na Conferência da IAML 2014, em Antuérpia, mas ainda hoje me lembro vivamente da excelente experiência. Estive na Conferência com o objetivo principal de participar da Seção do RISM, o assunto que mais diretamente me ocupa, embora tenha encontrado outros tópicos interessantes entre os diversos trabalhos apresentados...

THANK YOU to Hong Kong Academy of Performance Arts


Many of you may have watched the news yesterday about Hong Kong where tens of thousands of young students and citizens went on demonstration and protested against the Chinese central government’s decision to allow only Beijing-approved candidates to stand in the city's elections for chief executive.  Following the violent acts of the police with pepper sprays, tear gas and batons to the unarmed students, the Hong Kong Academy of Performance Arts (APA), which is one of the most important music institutions in Hong Kong and situated right in the middle of the protest area, has graciously offe

The Beethoven-Haus in Bonn

Before the conference in Antwerp I had the great pleasure of visiting the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn. I have asked Friederike Grigat, Leitung Bibliothek und Digitales Beethoven-Haus, to write a short presentation:

Hearty congratulations to the Polish IAML Branch on its 50th anniversary!


[Posted on behalf of Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie, President, IAML]

Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to send to the Sekcja Bibliotek Muzycznych, Stowarzyszenia Bibliotekarzy Polskich (Music Libraries Section, Polish Librarians Association) heartiest congratulations on the occasion of its 50th anniversary!

The Schumannhaus in Bonn


Before the conference in Antwerp I had the great pleasure of visiting three member institutions in Germany: the Abteilung Dokumentation und Archive des Westdeutschen Rundfunk in Köln + the Schumannhaus and the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn. I have very fond memories of the friendly way I was welcomed and how enthusiastically the colleagues showed me their respective library/archive.

I have asked my hosts to write a few lines describing their institution. This is the presentation of Katrin Reinhold, head librarian of the Schumannhaus:


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