The International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres encourages and promotes the activities of music libraries, archives and documentation centres to support and facilitate the realization of projects in music bibliography, music documentation and music library and information science at national and international levels.

Conference diary / Konferenztagebuch 1: English (Scotland)


Our first entry in the Conference Diary series is from Karen McAulay (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow):

Conference Diary: a Flying Visit

My congratulations to the organising team: their suggested hotels were not only close to the conservatoire, but mine even had a bus-stop for the Brussels airport express bus. Travel has never been so easy!

New Dohnányi webpage from Hungary


Ernst von (Ernő) Dohnányi (1877−1960)

We have received the following news from IAML Hungary:

The Archives and Research Group for 20th-21st Century Hungarian Music of the Institute for Musicology of the HAS (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) Research Centre for the Humanities has a new Dohnányi webpage:

Guest post by Katy Hamilton: "Music librarians, we salute you"


The following post was written by Katy Hamilton and was originally published on her website. It is reprinted here with her kind permission.

Other officers appointed in Antwerp

Besides from the elections in Antwerp several other people were appointed to serve in different functions within IAML. Congratulations to all and good luck!

New Web Editor: Jennifer Ward (Frankfurt)

IAML Historian (new): Roger Flury (Newport)

The Outreach Committee - new Chair: Jon Bagüés (Rentería)

The Copyright Committee - new Chair: Claire Kidwell (London)

The Membership Committee (new) – Chair: Jim Cassaro (Pittsburgh, PA)

The Conference Committee (new) - Chair: Antony Gordon (London)

Result of the elections in Antwerp

Dear Colleagues,

Please, find the result of the elections in Antwerp below.

Congratulations to all officers of Branches and Commissions (new and re-elected)! Good luck with your important work!

Archives and Music Documentations Centres:

Chair: Marie Cornaz (Brussels)
Vice-Chair: Thomas Aigner (Vienna)
Secretary: Clotilde Angleys (Paris)

Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries:

Chair: Nienke de Boer (Amsterdam)
Vice-Chair: Peter Linnit (London)
Secretary: Lena Nettelbladt (Stockholm)


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