Statement of copyright principles (approved by the Council, Berkeley, 9 August 2002)

The International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML) represents the interests of this community around the world.

IAML welcomes the opportunity that national governments of the EC have to clarify and improve legislation in the area of copyright. We look forward to changes which will maintain a satisfactory balance between the interests of copyright holders as well as those of other key stakeholders.

No rehearsal of the complex issues that have been extensively debated in the past years is possible or advisable during the final consultation period before implementation of the terms of the copy-right directive by 22 December 2002. IAML therefore takes this opportunity to request that national governments give proper consideration to the following points which are of great importance to the music library community:

That exceptions in accordance with the terms of the directive be permitted for

  1. libraries,
  2. educational establishments,
  3. museums and archives which are not for profit;
  4. teaching purposes and research;
  5. private copying in circumstances that do not prejudice the interests of the copyright holders;
  6. people with disabilities;
  7. criticism and review.

IAML confirms that it will work with copyright holders to protect their interests as defined by law, and looks forward to working with copyright holders to devise simple means of copyright interpretation, regulation and administration. 

Branch activities


2014 - 2017

Chair: Claire Kidwell, London

At the Berkeley Conference, 2002, the Copyright Committee was structured extending the formal membership to representatives for geographical areas, whose role is to assist officers of the Committee in developing contacts with IAML members and branches.

Representatives for geographical areas:

  • Southern Europe: Anne Le Lay, France
  • Eastern Europe: Stanisław Hrabia, Poland
  • Southern America: Sylvia Pérez Reinoso, Chile
  • Asia: Yasuko Todo, Japan
  • Southern Hemisphere: Simon Hart, New Zealand
Past officers: 

2009 - 2014:
Helen Faulkner, UK (chair)

2008 - 2009:
Richard Chesser, UK (acting chair)

2003 - 2008:
Federica Riva, Italy (chair) — Richard Chesser, UK (secretary)

1999 - 2003:
Anne Le Lay, France (chair) — Richard Chesser, UK (secretary)


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