How to become a member

Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek, Berlin, by Manfred Ullrich
CDs at the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek, Berlin, by Manfred Ullrich

IAML membership is open to any person or institution interested in the work of the Association.

To join, please check if your country has a national branch. If it does, contact the secretary or treasurer of that branch through email links on the branch's page.

If you are not covered by a national branch please contact the IAML Secretary General to join the International Association directly.

The 2017 membership rates for the International Association are 42 Euro (individual) and 70 Euro (institutional). The 2017 General Assembly will determine the membership dues for 2018 and later at the IAML congress in Riga. National branches determine their own dues.

Members of the International Association receive Fontes artis musicae, members' rates for attendance at the annual international congress and have the right to vote for officers of the International Association.

A complete list of members of the International Association is available for sale. Note that members have the right to opt out of listing. Please contact the IAML Treasurer for prices, conditions and payment methods..


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