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As per the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee, workspaces have been set up on the IAML website in order to facilitate communication between IAML congresses. 

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Dear All,

Do you think IAML's Outreach Committee should contribute to this? https://uoh.edu.iq/en/the-uoh-will-launch-a-big-campaign-of-collecting-books/

I honestly feel rather sceptical to the idea of randomly collecting 31 000 books to build up a university library. It doesn't seem to be a professional approach.  I also don't understand  if they really plan to collect the books first and then make the selection. Will they then throw away the books they are not interested in? They can not very well send them back considering the prohibitive cost of postage. I am eager to hear your reaction to this.

If IAML wants to help I would contact them first and ask for specific areas of interest, and if they are collecting music at all. The UK branch assisted Albania many years ago but on the basis of specific areas of need identified by the Albanian librarians.


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