Structure and Activities

Service Kiosk Polley Music Library Lincoln NE Carolyn Dow
Photo: Service kiosk at the Polley Music Library, Lincoln, NE (USA) by Carolyn Dow

The work of the Association is accomplished through a network of Institutional Sections, Subject Sections, Committees and special Project Groups.

Section Elections

The 2024 IAML Section Elections will take place during the IAML Congress in Stellenbosch. Nominations are currently being soliticed and can be sumbitted to the Secretary General.

Institutional Sections bring together members working in the same professional field or type of institution and meet as open forums to discuss common concerns and to exchange views and information.
At present there are five such sections:

Subject Sections deal with types of library activity and focus on new developments within their sphere of interest in different countries, give sessions on selected aspects of their work and initiate new projects.
There are now Subject Sections for:

Disbanded sub-commissions:

Study Groups may be created under the auspices of a section to address narrowly defined issues of ongoing importance.
IAML currently has the following Study Groups (chairs appointed by the Board):

Project Groups carry out specific assignments, prepare reports, statements or publications.

Disbanded Project Groups (called Working Groups until 2016):

Committees carry out specific assignments to advise the Association on administrative and legal matters, dealing with questions of interest to the whole Association.
IAML currently has the following Committees:

Disbanded Committees:

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4 déc 2023


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