Ad Hoc Committee on Organizational Structure (Level 2)

This committee has been disbanded. It was active from 2014 to 2016.

The Board proposes that an Ad Hoc Committee on Organizational Structure (Level 2) be created to carry out a critical review of the current system of commissions, professional branches, committees and other permanent groups within IAML and to establish consistent terms of reference for each group. The committee should consult widely with the IAML membership and report regularly on its progress to the Board and the General Assembly.  It should complete its work in time for the final terms of reference to be presented for approval by the General Assembly in 2016. (Note: the terms of reference will be discussed in Rome but not voted on.) The materials to vote on are numbered 1 through 5 below and dated June 2016.



  • Barbara Wiermann (Germany) and John Roberts (USA), Co-Chairs
  • Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie (USA), ex officio; Richard Chesser (UK), ex officio
  • Bonna Boettcher (USA)
  • Musse Magnussen Svare (Denmark)
  • Balász Mikusi (Hungary)


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