Fontes contents 1996 (vol. 43)

Volume 43/1, January - March 1996

Music in Italian Libraries: The Last Decade

  • Editorial
  • Invitation Agostina Zecca Laterza
  • Networks for Music Libraries in Italy Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi
  • Archival Sources for the History of Music in Italy: Recent Research Bianca Maria Antolini
  • Reference Works on Music Published in Italy 1985-1995 Federica Riva
  • Musical Iconography 1985-95 Elena Ferrari Barassi
  • Librettos: Italian Projects and Catalogues 1985-95 Carmela Bongiovanni
  • An Italian Contemporary Music Documentation Center: Why an Utopia? Marcello Ruggieri


Volume 43/2, April - June 1996

  • IAML President's Message
  • IAML General Assembly Report June 1995 Helsingør Veslemöy Heintz
  • IAML Council Minutes June 1995 Veslemöy Heintz
  • IAML Treasurer's Report 1994 Pamela Thompson
  • Helsingør 1994 Press Reports
  • The Documentary Sources of Japanese Music Kazuo Fukushima
  • The Croatian 19th-century Musical Heritage: Sources, Research, Perspectives Vjera Katalinić

Reports - Professional Branches

  • Archives and Documentation Centres (Enquist)
  • Broadcast and Orchestra Libraries (Faulkner)
  • Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions (Lancelin)
  • Public Libraries (Poroila)
  • Research Libraries (Hoedemaecker)

Subject Commissions

  • Bibliography (J. Roberts)
  • Cataloguing (Cassaro)
  • Service and Training (Krueger)

Working Groups and Other Reports

  • Periodicals (Fellinger)
  • Core Bibliographic Record (Geering)

National Reports


  • International Music Journals. Ed. By Linda Fidler and Richard James. Imogen Fellinger
  • Catalog of Venetian Librettos at the University of California, Los Angeles. By Irene Alm. Evan Baker
  • Camillo Sivori: La Vita, I Concerti, Le Musiche. By Flavio Menardi Noguera. Maurizio Tarrini
  • Foundations of Music Bibliography. Ed. By Richard Green. Tinsley Silcox



Volume 43/3, July - September 1996

Archives and Music Libraries

  • Editorial
  • Introduction Inger Enquist
  • Managing the Archives: A Basic Program Michael Cook
  • Subject Access to Archival Fonds: Balancing Provenance and Pertinance Heather MacNeil
  • Bewertung im Archiv Nils Brübach
  • Archival Descriptive Standards Jan Dahlin
  • La Description des archives de musique: un exemple Canadien Jeannine Barrault and Stephané Jean
  • Library Management of Composers' Archives Anna Lena Holm
  • Keeping Our Memory Alive for the Next Century Yola de Lusenet


  • Rilm in the 1990s
  • Spain


  • Encyclopedia of Percussion. Ed. by John H. Beck. Martin D. Jenkins
  • Duke Ellington: Day by Day and Film by Film. By Klaus Stratemann; John Coltrane: A Discography and Musical Biography. By Yasuhiro Fujioka; Sarah Vaughan: A Discography. Comp. by Denis Brown. Thomas Brothers
  • Die Musikhandschriften des Speyerer Domchores. By Edith Klenk. Gertraut Haberkamp



Volume 43/4, October - December 1996

  • Down the Yellow Brick Road: What Should We Teach About Internet Resources? Sherry Vellucci
  • The Researcher's Problem: Routes and Rewards Bryan N.S. Gooch
  • Recent Publications in Music, compiled by Geraldine Ostrove

Reviews and Information


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