Music brings people together, and IAML membership supports our aim to make music internationally accessible through acquisition and lending, preservation and digitization, cataloguing and bibliography, and documentation and research. Moreover, most music librarians and archivists serve as educators, opening up the vast world of information and repertoire during their daily interactions with students, faculty members, researchers, musicians, and the general public. We work internationally on multiple fronts to promote and protect musical heritage among diverse cultures, because the importance of music in the lives of the world's peoples is something we truly cherish.

Report from the Prague Congress

The logo for the IAML Congress in Prague 2022I would like to draw your attention to all the material from the congress in Prague that you can find on the IAML website: presentations and slides, congress diaries and more. This has inspired me to write my own congress diary. It is not a congress diary as such (and not in my native language Swedish, I promise!), but just a few reflections from the congress week. I hope very much that members who were not able to attend the congress would like to spend a few minutes to read my “report”, although it is far from exhaustive.

IAML Prague Congress Diary #3: Some stream-of-consciousness reminiscences of IAML Prague, July 2022 (UK)

Horses in PragueThe following Congress Diary has reached us from John Wagstaff, UK: Everyone happy to be face-to-face again – Acquaintances renewed, lots of new people to meet – Am I supposed to be at the Municipal Library or the National Library? (inevitably choosing the wrong one every time) – Grilled chicken salad (delicious) ... 

IAML Prague Congress Diary #2: First-time Board Member Perspective (UK)

IAML at 70 display

The following Congress Diary has reached us from Anna Pensaert (Cambridge University Library and the Pendlebury Library of Music, UK): Prague 2022 was my first in person congress as a Board member. In 2020 and 2021 the Board had been very busy meeting online, finding our place in and working our way through some very challenging times.

Request from Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

Kharkiv Opera UkraineI have been contacted by Oleg Orishchenko, Director General and Artistic Director of Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, with an urgent request. Mr. Orishchenko is asking for assistance to organize tours of the company. Since the end of April, the theatre has been relocated to Slovakia, due to the fact that Kharkiv is under constant attack from the Russian invaders. Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine and is situated very close to the Russian border.


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