New issue of Fontes artis musicae, 70/2 (April-June 2023)

Cover of Fontes issue 70, no. 2The latest issue of Fontes artis musicae, volume 70, no. 2 (April-June 2023) has been published. It may be accessed via Project Muse for subscribers or via the IAML website for members. The contents of the issue are as follows:

Vol. 70/2, April-June 2023


  • Jean-Joseph Mouret’s Divertissements: An Eighteenth-Century Example of Self-Publishing Strategy  Mary Cyr
  • The Cataloguing Process of the ‘C Collection’ in the Music Archive of the Cathedrals of Saragossa  Carmen Álvarez-Escandell
  • After the Collection, What Next? Challenges of Preservation of Folk Music Recordings in an Unstable Climatic Environment in Nigeria (Library of Folk Music of Nigeria Project in Focus)  Elizabeth Onyeji and Christian Onyeji

Briefs / Feuilletons

Corresponding Editors

  • Canada: Assessing the Music Score Collection at the University of Toronto  Trevor Deck, Jan Guise, James Mason, Tim Neufeldt, and Rebecca Shaw


  • The Temple of Fame & Friendship: Portraits, Music, and History in the C.P.E. Bach Circle. By Annette Richards  Stephen Roe
  • Bach and Mozart: Connections, Patterns, and Pathways. Edited by Paul Corneilson  Vivian Teresa Tompkins
  • Studienbuch by Gottfried Galston. Facsimile of the Author’s Personal Copy with a New English Translation. Translated by Rosemarie S. Greenman; edited by Martha Rudolph.  Eleanor Hodgkinson
  • The Music of Nobuo Uematsu in the Final Fantasy Series. Edited by Richard Anatone  Milly Gunn
  • Renegade Rhymes: Rap Music, Knowledge, and Narrative in Taiwan. By Meredith Schweig  Tom Peterson

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