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IAML Spain-AEDOM expresses its disagreement with the assignment of the Music Documentation Center of Andalusia as a unit under the Andalusian Regional Library

The Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía (CDMA), institutional partner of AEDOM-IAML/Spain, has been, and is, a reference and core entity that comprehensively manages Andalusian musical heritage.

ERESBIL: Fonds and Documentary Collections Guide Available Online

In honor of International Archives Day, Jon Bagüés has written an announcement concerning ERESBIL-Basque Archives of Music: Shortly after its coming into being in 1974, the Basque Music Archive (ERESBIL) began collecting Basque composers’ fonds preserved by their families. The first of the fonds, concerning Norberto Almandoz and received in 1977, arrived on the express request of being kept as a single physical unit. This peculiarity, which at that time was an unusual practice among libraries, initiates a trend that, later on, turns into a standard, being the starting point of the creation of one of the main sections of ERESBIL, the archive’s fonds section.

IAML/IMS New York City Congress Diary / Kongresstagebuch #2: Spanish / Español (Spain / España)

Para mí ha sido una experiencia inolvidable asistir al congreso IAML/IMS de NYC 2015. Me parece una idea magnífica haberlo planteado como un encuentro en el que investigadores, bibliotecarios y documentalistas pudiéramos reflexionar conjuntamente sobre las nuevas tecnologías y el presente y futuro de nuestras actividades.


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