Fontes Artis Musicae

Wanted: European Book Review Editor. Fontes Artis Musicae

Our current European Book Review Editor, Anna Pensaert, has indicated that she would like to hand over this job to someone else after the Dublin meeting. If you would be interested in handling this very important part of Fontes, please The job description is below:

Wanted: European Book Review Editor. Fontes Artis Musicae

New editor needed for Fontes Artis Musicae!

A new editor for Fontes is sought to take over in the summer 2005.

The person appointed must be interested in promoting new ideas and encouraging free expression, while at the same time building on the past and present strengths of the Association and reflecting the views of members in varied types of music libraries and archives. He or she should be prepared to attend the annual conferences regularly.

More Fontes vacancies

You will have seen the recent advertisements for a new editor for Fontes, and I hope that some of you have felt moved to apply. If you are daunted by taking on that role, however, you may feel more comfortable filling one of the other vacancies that are available, as follows:


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