Fontes Artis Musicae

Fontes Artis Musicae accepted to be in Project MUSE

We are pleased to announce that our application to include Fontes Artis Musicae in Project MUSE was successful. This means that Fontes Artis Musicae will join the Project MUSE Premium Collection beginning with the Volume 63, 2016 issues. At its June meeting, the General Assembly approved a motion allowing the Board to pursue this contract. The contract was reviewed by a lawyer and others who have experience with license agreements, adjusted according to their advice, and then signed.

New Fontes column: Briefs / Feuilletons / Blätter

As I prepare my first issue of Fontes Artis Musicae, I wanted to bring to your attention a new column titled "Briefs / Feuilletons / Blätter" which will feature notices of significant acquisitions, gifts, grants, developments in the music trade, upcoming meetings, calls for papers, or anything else that might be suitable for Fontes. If you have such news, please send me a brief announcement via e-mail attachment to by 11 AUGUST 2015.
Many thanks!
Jim Cassaro

Fontes Artis Musicae - publishing schedule

Issue 61/4 of our journal Fontes Artis Musicae has not been published yet. Several problems in the production process have caused this severe delay. As of today we expect the issue to be published in May/June 2015.

In order not to cause additional confusion the publishing order of issues will remain in the original order (meaning that issue 62/1 will not be published before 61/4 has been mailed).


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