How to stop receiving print Fontes in 30 seconds

It is easy to stop receiving printed copies of IAML's membership journal, Fontes Artis Musicae.

Here's how:


1. Log onto the IAML website
2. Click on "Edit"
3. Click on "Membership"
4. Click the "eFontes" box
5. Save

That's it!

Fontes is accessible online for individual members on IAML's website - something the membership has long asked for. We now have a complete electronic access to our journal: JSTOR (1954–2015) and Project Muse (2016–).

The costs for printing and mailing the journal constitute a large part of IAML's budget. Please consider opting out of the printed version. This would be a much more cost-effective solution for our Association and, in addition, more environmentally friendly.

Please note: Only individual members can access Fontes online. Institutions must either keep the printed version or access the journal through an aggregator.


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