New Issue Available: Fontes Artis Musicae 66/4 (October-December 2019)

Image of the October-December 2019 issue of FontesIssue 4 of Volume 66 (October-December 2019) of IAML's journal Fontes Artis Musicae is available on Project Muse or the IAML website for members.
Contents of the issue:


  • Creating and Integrating Video Clips to Develop Music Historical Literacy Skills Nancy November and Phillippa McKeown-Green
  • Reconnecting the Romantic Opera Repertoire: The Forgotten Stage Photograps of the Grand Théâtre de Gand Bruno Forment
  • Kompositionsspuren: Über die Werkstattmanuskripte Louis Spohrs Franziska Reich



  • Leonard Bernstein: The Language of Jazz. By Katherine Baber Ken Smith
  • Local Fusions: Folk Music Experiments in Central Europe at the MilleniumBy Barbara Rose Lange Joe C. Clark
  • Musik der mittelalterlichen Metropole. Räume, Identitäten und Kontexte der Musik in Köln und Mainz, ca. 900–1400. Edited by Fabian Kolb Nicholas Bell
  • Pleasing and Interesting Anecdotes: An Autobiography of Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari. Translated by Stephen Thompson Moore; edited by Deborah Heckert Andrew Pink


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