The awardees of the The Liesbeth Hoedemaeker-Cohen Fund & The H. Robert Cohen / RIPM Fund for IAML Congress Travel 2024

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the awardees of the Liesbeth Hoedemaeker-Cohen Fund & The H. Robert Cohen / RIPM Fund for IAML Congress Travel 2024:

Amos Bishi

Amos Bishi is an audio-visual archivist from Harare Polytechnic in Zimbabwe. He has a vast knowledge of the country’s traditional music and is a leading member of the Zimbabwe Society of Archivists (ZIMSA). Mr Bishi is presently pursuing doctoral studies at the University of South Africa. The title of his paper is “Remembering the forgotten sungura music heritage of the departed Zimbabwean musicians”.

Risa de Rege

Risa de Rege is working at the University of Toronto Music Library. She is an emerging library professional, having completed her library science degree in December 2023. Ms de Rege will give a poster presentation on the sheet music of a South African patriotic song from the library’s collection. The intention is to analyze how bibliography, history, and music connect to each other, using this song as a case study.

Patricia García-Iasci

Patricia García-Iasci is currently doing a part-time PhD at the University of Salamanca and is working on the he PolifonIA project at the University of Alicante and the National Library of Spain. Together with other colleagues she will give three poster presentations: "EA-DIGIFOLK: Digitizing and encoding Irish Traditional Music at ITMA", "JazzMus: optical recognition and encoding of Jazz lead sheets" and "Insights into AI to encode a whole mensural collection with limited resources".

The Liesbeth Hoedemaeker-Cohen Fund for IAML Congress Travel was established in Liesbeth’s honor on 24 February 2017. The H. Robert Cohen / RIPM Fund for IAML Congress Travel was established in 2019 on the occasion of RIPM’s fortieth birthday, in recognition of RIPM’s contribution to international scholarship and of those who created and contribute to it. Both awards have been established by the Cohen Family Charitable Fund.  

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, I take this opportunity to welcome you all to the congress in Stellenbosch, South Africa – the first IAML congress in Africa! Please register at your earliest convenience, if you have not already done so. The Early Bird rate closes on 13 May.

I am looking forward very much to meet Amos Bishi, Risa de Rege, Patricia García-Iasci and many other esteemed colleagues in Stellenbosch this summer!


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