Fontes contents 2003 (vol. 50)

Volume 50/1, January - March 2003

  • Plate Numbers of Greek Music Publishers: a Selection of Dated Lists Irmgard Lerch-Kalavrytinos
  • The Phonogram Archive of the Stockholm Ethnographic Museum: Another Chapter in the History of Ethnographic Cylinder Recordings Mathias Bostrom
  • Text und Musik im Tenorlied: eine fiktive Textierungslehre von 1517 Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl
  • Les Archives Bela Bartok de Belgique: Fonds Denijs Dille Yves Lenoir
  • A New Music Institute in the Netherlands Frits Zwart


  • Das Bucharchiv Hans Schneider: Musikantiquariat und Verlag 1949-2002. Beschrieben von Helga Konig. Joachim Jaenecke
  • Pietro Mascagni and his Operas. By Alan Mallach. Roger Flury
  • Heinrich Christoph Koch, Musikalisches Lexikon. Edited by Nicole Schwindt Chris Walton

Information, News, Reports


Volume 50/2, April - June 2003

  • Researching the Music of the First People of the Pacific Northwest: from the Academy to the Brain Room Laurel Sercombe
  • Features of Early Printed Editions of Works of Beethoven at the Kunitachi College of Music Library Yumiko Kasegawa
  • The Challenge of Supporting Current Music Research and Instruction Gordon Theil
  • The American Collections at the Glinka Central Museum of Musical Culture Irina Medvedeva and Natalia Tartakovskaia
  • The Revision of the Beethoven Catalogue of Works Norbert Gertsch and Kurt Dorfmüller
  • IAML Council Meetings: Berkeley 2002 Alison Hall
  • IAML Treasurer's Report 2002 Martie Severt

IAML Reports - Professional Branches

  • Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Branch Kauko Karjalainen

Subject Commissions

  • Bibliography Commission, 2001 and 2002 Thomas Leibnitz

Working Groups and Committees

  • Copyright Ann LeLay
  • International Registration of Music Archives David Day
  • RILM 2002 Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie
  • RIPM 2002 H. Robert Cohen
  • RISM 2002 Klaus Keil

National Reports

  • Italy Federica Riva
  • Norway Inger Johanne Christensen


  • Dmitri Shostakovich: a Catalogue, Bibliography, and Discography. 3rd edition. By Derek C. Hulme David Fanning
  • Richard Wagner, Cosima Wagner & Charles Nuitter: Correspondance, ed. Peter Jost, Romain Feist and Philippe Reynal Chris Walton
  • The Letters of Arturo Toscanini, ed. Harvey Sachs Chris Walton

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