Call for papers – Stellenbosch 2024

The IAML Congress will take place at Stellenbosch University, South Africa from 23 until 28 June 2024.

Paper proposals are invited on subjects related to music in libraries, archives and documentation centres, including (but not limited to): collection management, professional development, music bibliography, cataloguing and classification, music encoding, MIR, digital humanities, AI, copyright, user and public engagement, musicological research, the impact of Covid-19, performance ephemera, and digital resources, as well as presentations of a more general nature addressing issues of professional concern to the music library community. Proposals that seek to encourage discussion and audience interaction are especially welcome.

As this will be the first IAML congress on the African continent, we strongly encourage proposals from individuals working on music in Africa within various disciplines and from a range of perspectives.

Paper presentations usually occupy a 30-minute timeframe and should not exceed 20-25 minutes in duration to allow time for questions and discussion. Panel proposals are also encouraged and should be submitted via this form.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is Saturday 1 December 2023 (midnight UTC).

The Congress is open to anyone with an interest in the field, regardless of IAML membership status. Submissions will be evaluated by the members of the IAML Forum of Sections. Proposals may be submitted in any of IAML's official languages: English, French, or German.

After successful submission a confirmation message should appear on the screen and you should also receive a confirmation email message.

Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process by by Friday 12 January 2024.

The preliminary programme will be published in Feburary 2024.

Any questions about the Call for Papers should be directed to the IAML Programme Officer, Anna Pensaert (

Please note that all speakers must be registered as a delegate to participate in the Congress.

Congress website: IAML2024 (

See also: Call for posters – IAML 2024

Title of paper or presentation / Titre de la présentation / Titel des Vortrags oder der Präsentation
Abstract or summary of proposed content (around 200-400 words in length) / Résumé du contenu proposé (ca. 200-400 mots) / Kurze Inhaltsangabe des vorgeschlagenen Referates (ca. 200-400 Wörter)
Language of presentation / Langue de la présentation (Allemand / Anglais / Français) / Sprache, in der der Vortrag gehalten wird (Deutsch/Englisch/Französisch)
Technical equipment
Technical equipment / Matériel technique / Technische Ausstattung: The following standard equipment will be provided: a) PC running a recent version of MS PowerPoint and connected to a data projector; b) Internet connections available in all rooms; c) Audio/Video playback from CD/DVD/audio file; d) Laptop connection possible (also Mac) / Le matériel suivant sera fourni: a) PC équipé d’une version récente de MS PowerPoint et connecté à un projecteur; b) Connexions à Internet disponibles dans toutes les salles; c) Lecture Audio/vidéo de CD/DVD/et fichiers audio; d) Connexion de son propre ordinateur portable possible (Mac également). / Die folgende Standardausrüstung wird zur Verfügung gestellt: a) ein PC, an den ein Projektor angeschlossen ist und auf dem eine aktuelle Version von MS PowerPoint installiert ist; b) in allen Räumen steht eine Internetverbindung zur Verfügung; c) Abspielmöglichkeiten für Audio und Video von CD/DVD/Dateien; d) ein eigener transportabler Rechner (auch Mac) kann angeschlossen werden.
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Contact information
Contact information / Contact du conférencier / Kontaktinformationen: Up to two participants may be entered / On peut entrer max. deux conférenciers / Es können bis zu zwei Teilnehmer angegeben werden
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