Annual congress

Conference diary / Konferenztagebuch 17: Euskal / Basque

The conference diary has a new addition in Basque by Jon Bagüés.

Muchas gracias!


IAML-ren 2013 urteko kongresua Viena hirian ospatu da uztailaren 27tik abuztuaren 4 tartean. Nazioarteko musika artxibo, liburutegi eta dokumentazio zentro desberdinen ordezkariek igandean hasi eta ostiral artean astebeteko elkarlana mamitu zuten.

Vienna 2013 - a memorable conference

Dear Colleagues,

One week has passed since we said goodbye in Vienna. I would like to thank the Conference organizers once more for the extraordinary time they had prepared for us. In addition to the interesting professional programme - magnificent receptions, exquisite concerts (including the Schrammelorchester on Friday evening) and beautiful excursions. The Farewell dinner in Palais Ferstel was the Grand Finale of a memorable conference!

Thank you!


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