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Rehding A.  2018.  Beethoven's Symphony no. 9 . :1onlineresource(xi,161pages):.
November N.  2021.  Beethoven's symphonies arranged for the chamber : sociability, reception, and canon formation /. :xvii,258pages:.
November N.  2021.  Beethoven's string quartet in C-sharp minor, op. 131 . :vi,142pages:.
Hurwitz D.  2021.  Beethoven's orchestral music : an owner's manual /. no. 33:xxi,204pages;.
Heinemann M..  2020.  Beethovens Ohr : die Emanzipation des Klangs vom Hören /. :156pages:.
Beghin T.  2022.  Beethoven's French piano : a tale of ambition and frustration /. :xxi,410pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
van Beethoven L, Albrecht T.  2020.  Beethoven's conversation books. Volume 3,. :1volume:.
van Beethoven L, Albrecht T.  2018.  Beethoven's conversation books. . 1:1onlineresource(400pages)..
Moskovitz M, R. Todd L.  2017.  Beethoven's cello : five revolutionary sonatas and their world /. :1onlineresource(xxiv,249pages):.
Hiemke S.  2020.  Beethoven-Handbuch . :XXXII,628Seiten.
Comini A..  2020.  Beethoven Zur Geburt eines Mythos.. :1onlineresource(578p.).
Eggenschwiler I.  2023.  Beethoven und Haydn : Musik, Geschichte, Rezeption /. 88:418pages:.
Reverter A, Stapells V.  2020.  Beethoven: un retrato vienés.. Tirant Humanidades. :398p..
Francfort D..  2020.  Beethoven, un encombrant génie . :1vol..
Lévinas M., Cohen-Levinas D..  2021.  Beethoven, toujours : trente-deux sonates pour quel infini? : entretiens avec Danielle Cohen-Levinas / :232pages:.
Clubbe J.  2019.  Beethoven : the relentless revolutionary /. :xix,505pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Suchet J.  2020.  Beethoven : the man revealed /. :xx,443pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Bonds MEvan.  2020.  The Beethoven syndrome : hearing music as autobiography /. :xii,325pages:.
Chapin KMoore, Jones DWyn.  2020.  Beethoven studies 4 . :1volume:.
Leibnitz T.  2019.  Beethoven Menschenwelt und Götterfunken.. :256Seiten.
Skinner FW.  2022.  Beethoven in Russia : music and politics /. :xv,326pages:.
Lin J, Nézet-Séguin Y, Platt N.  2022.  Beethoven in Beijing : stories from the Philadelphia Orchestra's historic journey to China /. :xvii,170pages:.
Sundström A.  2016.  Beethoven i Sverige : från bisarr mästare till folkkär Ludwig.
Geck M.  2020.  Beethoven hören : wenn Geistesblitze geheiligte Formen zertrümmern /. :181pages:.
Lajovic U.  2022.  Beethoven : die Bedeutung der semantischen Zeichen in seinen Symphonien /. :183pages:.