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Bohlman PV.  2020.  World music : a very short introduction /. :1onlineresource:.
Miller TE, Shahriari AC.  2012.  World music : a global journey /. :xxv,589p.:.
Levitin DJ.  2019.  The world in six songs : how the musical brain created human nature /. :354pages:.
Levitin DJ.  2019.  The world in six songs : how the musical brain created human nature /. :1onlineresource:.
Law MJohn.  2022.  A world away : the British package holiday boom, 1950-1974 /. :xi,212pages:.
Béla B, László S.  2019.  Works for piano 1914-1920. Béla Bartók complete critical edition. 38:220.
Hawkins K.  2022.  The working musician's handbook for professional success : how to establish your value in the real world /. :xvii,218pages:.
Barnes J..  2016.  Working class boy. :x,362pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Attwood T.  2013.  The work experience manual . :81pages;.
Gurke T, Winnett S.  2021.  Words, music, and the popular : global perspectives on intermedial relations /. :1onlineresource..
Gadpaille M, Kennedy V.  2020.  Words, music and gender . :1onlineresource(viii,288pages)..
Muldoon P..  2013.  The word on the street : rock lyrics /. :x,76p.;.
Guthrie W, Guthrie N, Santelli R, Guthrie W, Guthrie W, Guthrie W.  2021.  Woody Guthrie : songs and art * words and wisdom /. :340pages:.
Ireland B.  2019.  Woodstock and Altamont : the Music Festivals that defined the 1960s /. :192pages:.
Murray P, Murray P.  2019.  Woodstock '69 : 50th anniversary /. :1onlineresource..
Lang M.  2019.  Woodstock : 3 days of peace & music /. :286pages:.
Feldman-Barrett CJacqueline.  2021.  A women's history of the Beatles . :1onlineresource(273pages).
Dunbar JC.  2021.  Women, music, culture : an introduction /. :1onlineresource.
Downes J..  2012.  Women make noise : girl bands from Motown to the modern /. :319p.:.
Wolfe P.  2020.  Women in the studio : creativity, control and gender in popular music production /. :1onlineresource..
Buscatto M.  2022.  Women in jazz : musicality, femininity, marginalization /. :1onlineresource..
Mazuela-Anguita A.  2023.  Women in convent spaces and the music networks of early modern Barcelona . :xix,296pages:.
Gaston-Bird L.  2019.  Women in audio . :1volume:.
Atalay NMelike..  2021.  Women Composers' Creative Conditions Before and During the Turkish Republic A Case Study on Three Women Composers: Leyla Hanımefendi, Nazife Aral-Güran, and Yüksel Koptagel.. :1onlineresource(518p.).
Cypess R.  2022.  Women and musical salons in the Enlightenment . :xxii,365pages:.