A world away : the British package holiday boom, 1950-1974 /

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McGill-Queen's University Press,, Montreal ;Kingston, Canada, p.xi, 212 pages : (2022)



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(OCoLC)fst01050151, (OCoLC)fst01153125, (OCoLC)fst01153142, (OCoLC)fst01153202, (OCoLC)fst01153237, 20e siècle., 20th century., fast, Grande-Bretagne, Great Britain, Guides touristiques (Personnes), Histoire, History, Package tours, Package tours., Social aspects, Social aspects., Tour guides (Persons), Tourism, Tourism., Touristes, Tourists, Tourists., Voyages à forfait


Includes bibliographical references and index."The 1950s and 1960s were a transformative period in Britain, and an important part of this was how Britons' lives were changed when they began flying abroad for their holidays. In A World Away Michael John Law investigates how something that previously only the rich could afford became available to working-class holidaymakers. A World Away moves beyond the big players in the tourist industry and technical accounts of the airplanes used by tour operators to tell the histories of the people who were there, both tourists and tour guides, using their personal testimonies. Until now there has been uncertainty about the identity of these new tourists: some feared they were working-class intruders who might invade the pristine destinations favoured by the elite; others claimed that most were from the middle class. Using new data derived from flight accident investigations, Law explains the complex origins of these new flyers. In British society this unprecedented mobility could not go unpunished, and the new tourists were lampooned in books and newspapers aimed at the middle classes. Law shows how popular culture, movies, and music influenced the decision to travel, and what actually happened when these new holidaymakers went abroad. Law investigates the package tour industry from its mid-century origins through its inherent weaknesses, governmental interference, and unforeseen world events that contributed to its partial failure in the early 1970s. A World Away provides the definitive account of this important change in post-war British society."--Issued also in electronic formats.Machine generated contents note: