Why Britain rocked : how rock became roll and took over the world /

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Academica Press,, Washington, [DC], United States, p.349 pages ; (2022)



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(OCoLC)fst01071422, fast, Great Britain, History and criticism., Popular music, Popular music.


Includes bibliographical references and index."Why Britain rocked: how rock became roll and took over the world challenges the origins of 'Beatlemania' by traveling deep into Britain's history to trace the events that led to Britain's twentieth century musical explosion. With rigorous in-depth research, new discoveries and original insights [the book] completely reframes the history of British pop music and argues that The Beatles' arrival that so surprised the world really shouldn't have been a surprise at all"--Written on the wind -- The unstoppable spirit -- Sing me a story -- The emigrant's farewell -- The folk elite of Appalachia -- A brethren of oddities -- A hand across an ocean -- The idols of the halls -- The people's artist -- Coal town crossroads -- Messages from the mountains -- The murder ballad -- The hillbilly cat -- The circularity of British pop -- A sound from deep within -- "Squalid Liverpool" -- Celtic verve meets English restraint -- The land with music -- The artists of nowhere -- Robeson hands on the torch -- The revolutionary romantics -- The Communist coddling of Enlgish folk song -- ... and the beginning of Britain's indie labels -- Back to British balladry.