We piano teachers and our demons : socio-psychological obstacles on the road to inspired and secure performance /

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Springer,, Volume volume 32, Singapore, Singapore, p.xxi, 158 pages : (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst01063376, fast, Instruction and study, Instruction and study., Performance, Piano, Piano teachers.


Includes bibliographical references.Part one. An overview of my work ; My work with students ; Summary -- Part two. My location on the map of music education research ; Three-Head Approach ; The Counseling literature : how to play better ; Artistry as a flow of informed insights -- Part three. The ghosts in teacher's studio : hierarchy and myth ; The great pianists : the genesis of the myth ; Consolidation of the musical world as a ranked hierarchy ; The rise of the Western concert pianist as told in less mythic terms ; The imperial judgement of music ; Ambiguity regarding the talent of premier performers -- [Part four], The power of myth and the fear of public humiliation among piano teachers. The workings of fear ; Back to myth ; Myth and hearsay in the piano classroom ; The tiger mom ; Keynote document no. 3 : reminiscences of a tiger mom ; The anxiety of not knowing ; Before crossing the boundary between anxiety and exploration ; Keynote document no. 4 : Lazar Berman's confessions ; What actually happens in the piano classroom -- Part five. Looking inward : the painful loop of professional education ; The little problem of the Schumann Undezime ; The piano action and the "sweet spot" ; Back to Schumann's Undezime ; The problem with Hindemith's Nocturne -- Part six. Competitions -- Part seven. Back to the piano room ; The security advantage created (or not created) in early childhood ; The anxiety-ridden piano students ; The teacher's role ; Mid-travel thoughts -- Part eight. We piano teachers and the counselling literature designed to help us ; Our taxing work ; The problem with master classes ; So why do we stick to music? ; Our limited repertoire ; Why are some students good in spite of all the obstacles? ; What is inspiration? ; Back to sound production -- Part nine. Understanding the messages of music ; How to understand music? : an example from Beethoven ; The Chopin case ; The case of Leon Kirchner -- Part ten. Finalizing the ideas ; Before we part : the masters speak ; Finally : Tête-a-tête talks.This book focuses on piano teachers and the many pains they encounter in their careers. These pains play an essential role in blocking the musical inspiration of their students. The author identifies with the sensitivities of the teachers, aiming at the inspiration-permeated and safer playing of their students. The book penetrates the protective mechanisms of the teachers that, on the one hand, maintain their professional functioning, while on the other hand, block refreshing ideas. It combines exploration of secure and culturally informed inspired playing, coping with exaggerated anxiety and understanding the interaction of piano actions with pianists physiology. This book helps to open teachers perceptions of the ways to enable more secure and more inspired performances while remembering the inner feelings of the piano teachers.Current copyright fee: GBP34.00