Tone psychology.

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Stumpf, Carl,


London : Routledge,, United Kingdom , p.1 online resource : (2019)

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Music, Psychological aspects.


Previously issued in print: 2016.<P><STRONG>One: Sensory Judgements in General </STRONG>1. Sensation and Judgement. Doctrine of Relativity 2. Reliability of Sensory Judgements 3. Measurement of Reliability and its Factors 4. Attention, Practice, Fatigue 5. Mediating Sensory Judgements. Transferences 6. Analysis and Comparison 7. Comparisons of Distances. Judgements that Presuppose a Standpoint <STRONG>Two: The Judgement of Successive Tones </STRONG>8. Immediate Judgement of Tonal Qualities 9. Application of Mediating Criteria 10. Infinity and Continuity of the Tonal Domain 11. "Height and Depth". Features that Change in Parallel with the Tonal Quality 12. Conditions of Reliability 13. Individuality of Sense and Memory for Tonal Qualities 14. Series of Experiments concerning Particular Classes of Judgement 15. The Judgement of Intensities</P>Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.