Tallinn '67 Jazz Festival : myths and memories /

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Routledge,, New York, United States, p.1 online resource. (2022)



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bisacsh, MUSIC / Genres & Styles / Jazz


Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction -- Setting the scene : Estonian jazz popularisers Uno Naissoo and Valter Ojakäär and official organising procedures of Tallinn '67 -- Individual memories -- Americans at the festival -- Post-festival reviews: Media and official reports -- Conclusions : Tallinn '67 as an affective event."Tallinn '67 Jazz Festival: Myths and Memories is a study of the legendary 1967 jazz gathering that made Tallinn the jazz capital of the USSR by organising the first grand international jazz festival in the Soviet Union. It offers new insights into what we know about an event in the closed conditions of Soviet society, and how. It applies a new combination of methodologies in answering the question of why it is important to study the event now, and it refers to the global-local dynamics in the Cold War era, and to the great role of the musical identities and commemorative acts in shaping the meaning of the event in trans-local contexts. By using jazz culture as an example, this study poses several broader human, historical and societal questions about the nature of Soviet society, the Cold War and culture of leisure"--Description based on print version record and CIP data provided by publisher.