The soundtrack album : listening to media /

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London : Routledge,, United Kingdom , p.1 online resource : (2020)


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Film soundtracks, History and criticism., Motion picture music, Television music


Includes bibliographical references and index.<P>Introduction: Listening to Media </P><I><P>Paul N. Reinsch and Laurel Westrup</P></I><B><P>Part 1: Case Studies</P></B><P>1. The Soundtrack in Transition: The Many Objects of Paul Simon's <I>One-Trick Pony</P><P>Landon Palmer </P></I><P>2. It's a Kind of Soundtrack: Queen, <I>Highlander</I>, and the "Unofficial Soundtrack Album"</P><I><P>Ross Melnick</P></I><P>3.<I> Super Fly</I> and the Sound of Seventies Blaxploitation Cinema</P><I><P>Matthew Tchepikova-Treon</P></I><P>4. Signifyin(g) on the Soundtrack Album? OutKast's <I>Idlewild</I> Project<B> </P></B><I><P>Laurel Westrup</P></I><B><P>Part 2: Brands</P></B><P>5. Learning from <I>Sesame Street </I>Soundtrack Albums </P><I><P>Kathryn A. Ostrofsky </P></I><P>6. Creazioni Artistiche Musicali and Italian Cinema after World War II</P><I><P>Roberto Calabretto</P></I><P>7. King of the Whole Wide World: Elvis, RCA Camden, and the Non-Filmic "Budget" </P><P>Soundtrack Album </P><I><P>Justin Morris</P></I><P>8. Sing Along with Hitch: Musically Marketing the Master of Suspense </P><I><P>Richard R. Ness</P></I><B><P>Part 3: Formats</P></B><P>9. Fixing the Brand: The Sonic Branding of <I>Adult Swim</P><P>David Gurney </P></I><P>10. Video Game Soundtrack Albums and the Digital Revolution</P><I><P>Robert Cavanagh</P></I><P>11. Tracking Hypernostalgia: Soundtrack Albums and the Return of the Cassette in American </P><P>Film and Television</P><I><P>Kristen Galvin</P></I><B><P>Part 4: New Directions</P></B><P>12. Now-For Even Greater Enjoyment...The Home Movie Soundtrack Album</P><I><P>Liz Czach</P></I><P>13. A Brief Hearing for the Unified Soundtrack Album </P><I><P>Paul N. Reinsch </P></I>Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.