Singing and wellbeing : ancient wisdom, modern proof /

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Norton, Kay,


New York, NY ; London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, United States, p.xxiv, 202 pages : (2016)

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WV 501


History., Music therapy., Physiological aspects., physiology., Psychological aspects., Religious aspects., Singing, Social aspects., Therapeutic use.


Includes bibliographical references and index.The first musical instrument -- Neural mapping and brain chemistry : how singing is good for you -- "Womb to tomb" : singing, science, and the mother's voice -- Singing our songs : Damon of Athens, the blues, and group psychology -- The loss of brain function : how singing helps -- Singing and religion -- Timeline : selected timline of vocal healing milestones from mythology and history.Singing and Wellbeing provides evidence that the benefits of a melodious voice go far beyond pleasure, and confirms the importance of singing in optimum health. A largely un-tapped resource in the health care professions, the singing voice offers rewards that are closer than ever to being fully quantified by advances in neuroscience and psychology. For music, pre-med, bioethics, and medical humanities students, this book introduces the types of ongoing research that connect behaviour and brain function with the musical voice. It also synthesizes medical findings with Western music history, musical ethics, aesthetics, and ethnomusicology. The centrality of the inflected voice in human existence will be examined through the lenses of anthropological, evolutionary, historical, musicological, philosophical, psychological, and emerging medical evidence. It contributes to the interdisciplinary bridge-building already underway among musicians, music therapists, healthcare researchers and providers, and caregivers interested in the effects of singing. Discussion points, links to further reading, and audio and video resources illustrate applications of central concepts [Publisher description].