Parenting musically

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Koops, Lisa,


New York, NY : Oxford University Press,, United States, p.xii, 204 pages : (2020)



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Instruction and study, Music, Music in the home., Parenting., Social aspects.


Includes bibliographical references and index.Parenting musically and musical parenting -- Conscious and intuitive parenting with music at home -- Navigating and sustaining musical involvement at school and in lessons -- Community musicking as families -- Media messaging surrounding parents and music -- Hopes and dreams -- Musical homes and musical families --Appendix A: combined table of families of parenting musically -- Appendix B: books and websites used in content analysis in chapter 5."Parents use music in family life not only to guide their children's musical development, but also to make relational connections and to accomplish practical tasks, Parenting musically charts these uses of music among a diverse group of families in home, school, and community settings. Author Lisa Huisman Koops focuses on family musical interactions using the concepts of musical parenting (actions to support a child's musical development) and parenting musically (using music to accomplish extra-musical parenting goals), arguing for the importance of recognizing and valuing both modes. She also offers an additional construct, practical/relational musicking, to add to the detailed analysis of family musical engagement. Throughout she shows how families who embraced both practical and relational musicking expressed satisfaction in long-term musical involvement"--