The Oxford handbook of time in music

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Oxford University Press,, New York, NY, United States, p.xii, 601 pages : (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst01030418, (OCoLC)fst01030774, (OCoLC)fst01151110, Aspect psychologique., fast, Mesure et rythme., Music, Musical meter and rhythm., Musique, Psychological aspects., Temps dans la musique., Time in music.


Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction / Mark Doffman, Emily Payne, and Toby Young -- Part I: Framing musical time -- Time in music and philosophy / Andrew Bowie -- Forms of time in nineteenth-century music: Geology, the railway, and the novel / Lawrence Kramer -- Music as time, music as timeless / Kristina Knowles -- Rhythm, time, and presence / Anne Danielsen -- Politicking musical time / Chris Stover -- To be in time: Repetition, temporality, and the musical / Nathan Mercieca -- Distracted attention, temporal switches, and the consolations of performing / Anthony Gritten -- Part II: Cognition, action, and experience -- Music, evolution, and the experience of time / John C. Bispham -- Timescales and the temporal emergence of musicking / Juan M. Loaiza -- Understanding musical instants / Rolf Inge Godoy -- Cross-modality and embodiment of tempo and timing / Renee Timmers -- The mind is a DJ: Rhythmic entertainment in beatmatching and embodied temporal processing / Maria A. G. Witek -- Non-isochronous metre in music from Mali / Rainer Polak -- Part III: Metrics and temporal organization -- Towards a cognitively based quantification of metrical dissonance / Mark Gotham -- Maelzel, the Metronome, and the modern mechanics of musical time / Alexander E. Bonus -- Rhythm quantization: Notes on the history of a technocultural practice / Landon Morrison -- 11-,12-, and 13 ½ - bar blues: Time and African American country blues recordings (1925-1938) / Andrew Bowsher -- Metrical displacement and group interaction in 'Evidence' by the Thelonious Monk Quartet / Ryan D. W. Bruce -- The politics of musical time in the everyday life of ballet dancers / Jonathan Still -- Part IV: Cultures of time -- Temporalities of north Indian classical listening: How listeners use music to construct time / Chloe Alaghband-Zadeh -- Timing in Palaran: Coordination, control, and excitement in Javanese collaborative vocal accompaniment / Jonathan Roberts -- Here at the bottom of the sky ...Negotiating time through phrase, form, and tradition within a New York performance network / Nathan C. Bakkum -- Time and ensemble dynamics in indeterminancy: John Cage's concert for piano and orchestra / Emily Payne -- 'Making, not filling time': Time and notation in improvised musical performance / Floris Schuiling -- Musical time in a fast world / Samuel Wilson -- The radical temporality of drum and bass / Toby Young."The work of this introductory chapter is twofold; first, to provide a brief historical overview of the changing nature and conception of musical time over the last two thousand years, and second, to set out the arc of the work through detailing the central points of each chapter. While the individual pieces of writing bring vital and varied perspectives from musicology, ethnomusicology, philosophy, psychology, and socio-cultural work, what unites them is their attention to music of the modern period, with a strong focus on the multiplicities of contemporary practice, while also pointing to their nineteenth-century antecedents. In introducing the main themes of the book, the introduction calls attention to the burgeoning scholarship on time in music ranging between the immediate feelings and socialities of being in time with others and the broader imaginings of the cultural politics of time in music"--