The Oxford handbook of music and queerness

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Oxford University Press,, New York, NY, United States, p.xiii, 676 pages : (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst00939609, (OCoLC)fst00959821, (OCoLC)fst02033725, fast, Gender identity in music., Homosexualité et musique., Homosexuality and music., Identité sexuelle dans la musique., Queer musicology.


Includes bibliographical references and index."In the 1990s, academic study of LGBTQ issues in relation to music centered on classical music, and the research topics and researchers were mostly white. The scope of the field has expanded greatly since then, with ongoing research on classical music, extensive work on white popular music, a growing literature on Black music, and recent initiatives in ethnomusicology. The term "queer" has risen as a welcome intention of inclusiveness, along with some complexity in its meanings. In The Oxford Handbook of Music and Queerness, contributors choose their relationship to the term as it relates to their work within and without the academic community. Offering a decisive departure from a Western- and Eurocentric approach to music, this Handbook reflects different rhetorics of queer musicology. Chapters look at music and queer experience across a range of venues and approaches, from gospel to electronic dance music; from Hong Kong public music to Ukrainian pop. Together, contributors illustrate the potential of queer methodologies in the musical realm, and where we go from here. Keywords: queer musicology, ethnomusicology, queer performance, popular music, queer theory, music and sexuality, LGBTQ studies"--