The opera singer's acting toolkit : an essential guide to creating a role /

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London : Methuen Drama,, United Kingdom , p.1 online resource (320 pages). (2019)


Acting in opera.


Acknowledgements Introduction PART ONE: THE TOOLS 1 The Foundations The Body: Releasing Tension The Mind: Awareness + Focus The Imagination Play and Spontaneity 2 A Note About Emotion 3 Creating Character 4 Text and Music Organising Information: Given Circumstances Organising Information: Other Approaches Organising Information: Music Objectives Actions Obstacles Points of Concentration Events Further Text Tools Text and Music: Conclusion 5 The Body and Movement Laban Lecoq Character Types and Commedia dell'Arte The Clown Devising 6 Words and Music in Action PART TWO: IN PRACTICE 1 Preparing for Rehearsals 2 Rehearsals 3 Rehearsals in Depth 4 Performance 5 Auditions PART THREE: INTERVIEWS 1 Repertoire Interviews with Conductors 2 Approaches to Rehearsal Interviews with Directors 3 Singers' Case Studies List of exercisesFurther reading Index.