Nineteenth-century British music studies.

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Zon, Bennett,


London : Routledge,, United Kingdom ; , p.1 online resource. (2019)

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19th century, Congresses., Great Britain, History and criticism, Music


Selected conference papers.Previously issued in print: Aldershot: Ashgate, 1999.<U>Part One: Introduction.</U>  1. Xenophilia in British Musical History, Nicholas Temperley.  <U>Part Two: Historiography</U>.  2. History, Historicism and the Sublime Analogy, Bennett Zon.  3. Parry as Historiographer, Jeremy Dibble.  <U>Part Three: Instruments and Performing Ensembles</U>.  4. Who bought Concertinas in the Winter of 1851? A Glimpse at the Sales Accounts of Wheatstone and Co., Allan W. Atlas.  5. Violin Pedagogy in England during the First Half of the Nineteenth Century or The Incompleat Tutor for the Violin, David J. Golby.  6. The Practice and Context of a Private Victorian Brass Band, Trevor Herbert.  <U>Part Four: The Wesley Family</U>.  7. The Obituary of Samuel Wesley, Philip Olleson.  8. The Unknown Wesley: The Early Instrumental and Secular Vocal Music of Samuel Sebastian Wesley, Peter Horton.  <U>Part Five: Local Music History</U>.  9. Musical Life in the 'Second City of the Empire' During the 1870s as Reflected in T. L. Stillie's Contributions to the Glasgow Herald, Stuart Campbell.  10. Music in Nineteenth-Century Oxford, Susan Wollenberg.  11. Music-Making in a Yorkshire Country House, Caroline Wood.  <U>Part Six: Repetoire, Genre and Concert Life</U>.  12. 'Personifying the Saviour?': English Ontario and the Representation of the Words of Christ, Barbara Mohn.  13. The Benefit Concert in Nineteenth-Century London: From 'tax on the nobility' to 'monstrous nuisance', Simon McVeigh.  <U>Part Seven: Analysis and Criticism</U>.  14. Towards a Tradition of Music Analysis in Britain in the Nineteenth Century, Catherine Dale.  15. James William Davison, Critic, Crank and Chronicler: A Re-Evaluation, Richard Kitson.Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.