Nashville City blues : my journey as an American songwriter /

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University of Oklahoma Press,, Volume [volume 9], Norman, United States, p.xiii, 222 pages : (2023)



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(OCoLC)fst00871620, (OCoLC)fst00881442, (OCoLC)fst01004379, (OCoLC)fst01127019, Biography., Composers, Composers., Country musicians, Country musicians., fast, Lyricists, Lyricists., Sound recording industry, Sound recording industry., Tennessee, United States


Series information from publisher's website.Includes index.Songs of My Oklahoma Home -- In the Spanish Southwest -- An Old Brick Warehouse on Trumbull Street -- Learning the Blues in Nashville -- John Hammond, Clive Davis, and Jerry Wexler -- At the Old Hound's Ear Studio -- Working for Wages Again in Nashville -- How Can It Be Any Good? We Didn't Pay Anything for It -- It's All about the Money That's Made -- The Great Southeast Music Hall and the Palomino Club -- B. B. and the Carter Inauguration -- But Art Isn't Enough -- Philip Morris, the White House, and a Trip to Montana -- I No Longer Had Anyone I Needed to Call in New York -- They Don't Matter Anyway -- Bear Family, the Capitol Reissues, and Cimarron Records -- A Creative Oasis in South Texas, and Those Who Can't -- And That's How I Will Finish -- Appendix. James Talley Discography.""Memoir of an artist's ideals up against the Nashville recording industry, by one of Oklahoma's most important folk talents since Woody Guthrie."-Provided by publisher"--