The musician's career guide : turning your talent into sustained success /

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Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing Company, Inc.,, New York, NY, United States, p.xiv, 238 pages ; (2021)



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As a musician, how can you blend art and survival and still keep loving the business? The Musician's Career Guide, written from the perspective of someone who has engaged in the daily struggle that all artists encounter, provides clear strategic support and advice in a knowledgeable, reader-friendly voice. From preparing for an audition to business planning to protecting one's mental and emotional well-being, The Musician's Career Guide marries practical tips with in-depth resources, anecdotes and stories to learn from, and comments for consideration and self-reflection. This book is a tool musicians can use to develop a realistic roadmap for success in the careers they desire. Part textbook, part self-directed learning tool, and full mentor, this information-packed text speaks with the voice of experience in a way that is realistic and attainablePart I. You are a business. Maximize your environments ; Career profile ; What musicians need to know about business ; Business planning and navigation for musicians -- Part II. The music industry. The roles within the music industry ; The deal with deals ; Endorsements ; Public relations ; Touring -- Part III. Entrepreneurship and branding. The laws of entrepreneurship ; Learning to sell yourself : public speaking, writing, and meetings ; Marketing : branding, communication, and social media -- Part IV. Art & survival. Protection of yourself and your art ; Financial management and funding an idea ; Keys to community engagement as an artist ; The mental side of being a musician ; The emotional side of being a musician ; A musician's mastery.