Music, language, and human evolution

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Oxford University Press,, Oxford, p.xii, 345 p. : (2012)


0199227349 (hbk.) :

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Human evolution., Language and languages., Music, Music and language., Origin.


Formerly CIP.Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction : music, language, and human evolution / Nicholas Bannan -- Music and mosaics : the evolution of human abilities / Robert Foley -- The evolution of the human vocal tract : specialized for speech? / Margaret Clegg -- When the words dry up : music and material metaphors half a million years ago / Clive Gamble -- Hominin physiological evolution and the emergence of musical capacities / Ian Morley -- Vocal traditions of the world : towards an evolutionary account of voice production in music / Tran Quang Hai and Nicholas Bannan -- Found objects in the musical practices of hunter-gatherers : implications for the evolution of instrumental music / Pedro Epsi-Sanchis and Nicholas Bannan -- On the evolutionary function of song and dance / Robin Dunbar -- The vocal learning constellation : imitation, ritual culture, and encephalization / Bjorn Merker -- Music as an emergent exaptation / Ian Cross -- Musicians' performance prosody / Johan Sundberg -- Harmony and its role in human evolution / Nicholas Bannan.