Music education : navigating the future /

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New York : Routledge,, Volume 1, United States, p.xii, 353 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. (2015)



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Instruction and study., Music


Music education history and the future / Michael L. Mark -- In response to Michael Mark / Bennett Reimer -- Difference and music education / Lauren Kapalka Richerme -- A proleptic perspective of music education / Brent C. Talbot -- The virtues of philosophical practice in music education / Wayne Bowman -- The shifting locus of musical experience from performance to recording to new media : some implications for music education / Matthew Thibeault -- Inter/trans/multi/cross/new media(ting) : navigating an emerging landscape of digital media for music education / Evan Tobias -- Is it the technology? Challenging technological determinism in music education / Alex Ruthmann, Evan Tobias, Clint Randles, and Matthew Thibeault -- The technology-music dance : reflections on making sense of our tools / David B. Williams -- Understanding the tools : technology as a springboard for reflective musicking / Frank Heuser -- Liminal or lifelong : leisure, recreation, and the future of music education / Roger Mantie -- Seeking "success" in popular music / Gareth Dylan Smith -- "Pssst ... over here!" Young children shaping the future of music education / Alison M. Reynolds, Kerry B. Filsinger, Pamela L. Turowski, and Heather D. Waters -- Identity and transformation : (re)claiming an inner musician / Karen Salvador -- Methodological trends in music education research / Michael Zelenak -- Critical ethnography as/for Praxis : a pathway for music education / Marissa Silverman -- Application of sound studies to qualitative research in music education /Joseph Abramo -- Commentary on research snapshot and qualitative approaches / Richard Colwell -- Structural equation modeling and multilevel modeling in music education : advancing quantitative research data qnalysis / Nicholas Stefanic -- Response to chapters in the section "Guiding researchers" in the book music education : navigating the future / Peter R. Webster -- A theory of change in music education / Clint Randles -- The role of subversion in changing music education / John Kratus.Includes bibliographical references and index.