Music and translation : new mediations in the digital age /

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London : Palgrave Macmillan,, United Kingdom , p.1 online resource. (2019)

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bisacsh, Cross-cultural studies., FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY / Multi-Language Phrasebooks., LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Alphabets & Writing Systems., LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Grammar & Punctuation., LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / General., LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Readers., LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Spelling., Music, Music and language., Social aspects., Texts, Translating and interpreting


Includes bibliographical references and index.Intro; Acknowledgements; Praise for Music and Translation: New Mediations in the Digital Age; Contents; About the Author; List of Figures; List of Tables; 1: Prelude; References; Creative Works; Websites; Part I: Music and Translation in a Global Context; 2: Music, Centres and Peripheries; 2.1 Music and Borders; 2.2 Music and Cosmopolitanism; 2.3 Music, English and Anglo-Saxon Cultures; References; Creative Works; Video Interview; Websites; 3: Music and Translation Today; 3.1 Definitional Aspects; 3.1.1 Music; 3.1.2 Musical Texts3.1.3 Transfers in a Musical Context: Translation, Mediation, Adaptation and More3.1.4 Cultural Translation and (Un)Translatability; 3.2 Music Translation: Perception and Reception; 3.2.1 Music Makers' Views on Music Translation; 3.2.2 Music Reception and Translation; References; Creative Works; Video/Radio Interviews; Websites; Part II: Translating Music; 4: What is Translated? Styles, Genres and More; 4.1 Musical Hermeneutics and Ekphrasis; 4.2 Translating Beyond Words; 4.2.1 Styles and Genres; 4.2.2 Rhythms, Tempi and Beats; References; Creative Works; Video/Radio InterviewsWebsites5: What is Translated: Vocal Music, Voice and More; 5.1 Vocal Music and Its European Traditions; 5.2 When Vocal Music is Not Translated; 5.3 Voice; 5.4 Lyrics and Other Words: Music Publishing and Recording; References; Creative Works; Video/Radio Interviews and Performers' Websites; Websites; 6: How is Music Translated? Mapping the Landscape of Music Translation; 6.1 Musical Content and Translation Strategies; 6.2 Music Spaces; 6.2.1 Live Performances; 6.2.2 Radio; 6.2.3 Digital Music on the Move; 6.2.4 Translation Standards for Physical Formats of Recorded Music6.2.5 Video Games6.2.6 Television and Non-Linear Internet Streaming; 6.2.7 Cinema; 6.3 Music and Accessibility; 6.4 Approaches and Strategies in Vocal Music Translation; References; Creative Works; Websites; Part III: Music Translates; 7: Music and Human Activities; 7.1 From Work Songs to Songs at Work and for Leisure; 7.2 Music and Ideologies; References; Creative Works; Websites; 8: In and Beyond the Material; 8.1 Music and Emotion; 8.2 Time and Space; 8.3 Music and Other Art Forms: Performativity and Intertextuality; 8.3.1 Performativity; 8.3.2 Intertextuality8.4 Music, Marginality and the Senses8.4.1 Music Across the Arts; 8.4.2 Music Across the Senses; References; Creative Works; Video/Radio Interviews and Artists' Websites; 9: Music and the Natural World; 9.1 Music as Mediating Agent of the Non Human; 9.1.1 Music and Animal Sounds; 9.1.2 Music and Interspecies Dialogues; 9.2 Connections and Translations; References; Creative Works; Video/Radio Interviews and Performers' Websites; Websites; 10: Coda; References; Author Index; Subject IndexOnline resource; title from PDF title page (EBSCO, viewed June 7, 2019).