Music and death : interdisciplinary readings and perspectives /

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Emerald Publishing,, United Kingdom, p.1 online resource. (2019)


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Death, Music, Psychological aspects., Social aspects.


Section One. Music and Mourning  Chapter 1. Funeral Music Between Heaven and Earth; Janieke Bruin-Mollenhorst   Chapter 2. On the Funeral and Bereavement Rituals Depicted in Folk Songs: 'The Folk Requiem' by Adam Strug and Kwadrofonik; Marek Jeziński  Chapter 3. The Posthumous Nephew: An Auto-ethnographic Exploration of Belated Mourning and Fresh Divinations; Gary Levy  Section Two. Underground Scenes, Alternative Music and Transformation  Chapter 4. You're Nothing: Punk and Death; David Gracon Chapter 5. Healing the Mother Wound: Metal Performance and Grief Management; Nachthexe  Chapter 6. Bienvenue au Canada: The Nonlanguage of Music and Dreams; Brendan Dabkowski  Section Three. Performing Death  Chapter 7. The Vision of Death: Time and Temporality; Sílvia Mendonça  Chapter 8. Music and Embodied Movement: Representations of Risk and Death in Contemporary Circus; Jenny Game-Lopata  Chapter 9. Mercury's Message to Go On With the Show; Marie Josephine Bennett.Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.