Migrating music

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Routledge,, London, p.xiv, 256 p. ; (2011)


0415594480 (hbk.) :


Cosmopolitanism., Emigration and immigration, Ethnomusicology., Globalization, Music., Social aspects.


Formerly CIP.Migrating music / Jason Toynbee -- Migrants -- Migrant/migrating music and the Mediterranean / Martin Stokes -- "My own little Morocco at home" : a biographical account of migration, mediation, and music consumption / Carolyn Landau -- "Realness" : authenticity, innovation, and prestige among young danseurs Afros in Paris / Laura Steil -- Translations -- Ridiculing rap, funlandizing Finns? : humour and parody as strategies of securing the ethnic other in popular music / Antti-Ville Kärjä -- Hip-hop Tehran : migrating styles, musical meanings, marginalised voices / Laudan Nooshin -- "Un homme et une femme" : voyage via "Barquinho" to Hollywood and beyond : global circulation, musical hybridization, and adult modernity, 1961-69 / Keir Keightley -- Media -- What migrates and who does it? : a mini case study from Fiji / Ruth Finnegan -- Migrating music and good-enough cosmopolitanism : encounter with Robin Denselow and Charlie Gillett / Kevin Robins -- Ports of call : an ethnographic analysis of music programmes about the migration of people, musicians, genres and instruments, BBC World Service, 1994-1995 / Jan Fairley -- Music, migration, and war : the BBC's interactive music broadcasting to Afghanistan and the Afghan diaspora / John Baily, Goldsmiths -- Cities -- Cavern journeys : music, migration and urban space / Sara Cohen -- "New York comes to Groningen" : jazz star circuits in the Netherlands / Kristin McGee -- "Brown boys doing it like this" : Asian cultural production and London's Asian urban music scene / Helen Kim.