Metal music and the re-imagining of masculinity, place, race and nation

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Emerald Publishing,, United Kingdom, p.1 online resource. (2020)


9781838674434 (PDF ebook) :


Heavy metal (Music), History and criticism., Masculinity, Political aspects, Social aspects, United States.


Chapter One: Introduction, Context and Methods Chapter Two: The Old Nationalism and Masculinity: Historical Review  Chapter Three: Populism, Nationalism and Masculinity Today: A Review  Chapter Four: Theories of Leisure and Music; and Music, Identity and Place  Chapter Five: Iron Maiden: True Stories of Men at War  Chapter Six: Manowar: True Metal Warriors  Chapter Seven: Bathory and Viking Metal  Chapter Eight: The Norwegians as 'Authentic' Vikings: Enslaved, Windir and Wardruna  Chapter Nine: Pagan Metal in Eastern Europe  Chapter Ten: Finnish Folk Metal: Raising Drinking Horns in Mainstream Metal  Chapter Eleven: English Heritage Black Metal and the Equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire  Chapter Twelve: Challenging Hegemony? Darkestrah, and Zeal & Ardor  Chapter Thirteen: Conclusions  References  Discography.Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.