Mesrop Maštoc̕ë ew Sahak Part̕ewë Hayastani misionerakan ekeġec̕ow aṙaǰin eražištnern en, ëst jeṙagreri matenagitakan ​​tvyalneri = Mesrop Mashtots and Sahak Partev first musicians of the Armenian Apostolic Church according to t

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Samuel Keuchguerian,, [Montréal, Québec, Canada], p.378 pages ; (2023)



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In Armenia, English and French.The contributions of Mesrop Mashtots and Sahak Partev, both in the cultural and religious fields, ensured that their mission, whom we will describe as historic, played a major role in the preservation of the Armenian national identity. After the invention of Armenian letters, a place has been given to church national music, which includes spiritual msuic. Mesrop Mashtots and Sahak Parteve were the first creators of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church's first Christian spiritual music.